The Guide to Good Health for Teens & Adults with Down Syndrome

Drs. Chicoine and McGuire provide invaluable insight into what health problems are more common in people with Down syndrome and how medical issues can “present” differently. In a clear, empathetic style, they discuss how to promote a healthy lifestyle to prevent problems, and how to recognize health problems early on to ensure appropriate care and the best outcome.

Key topics include: -Characteristics of Down syndrome that can affect health care; -More commonly occurring medical issues; -The connection between mental & physical health; -Dealing with hospitalizations; -Long term health and well being throughout the lifespan; -Advance directives and end of life issues; -Specific medical conditions (ranging from skin and nail problems, eye, nose and throat issues, and cardiac concerns, to thyroid disorder, diabetes, Alzheimer disease, and sleep problems).

For each condition, the authors discuss symptoms, the diagnostic process, and treatment options. Real-life examples from the authors decades of experience help to illustrate how some medical problems can mistakenly be attributed to characteristics of Down syndrome.

© 2010 Brian Chicoine MD and Dennis McGuire PhD
Audience: Parent, Professional