Gluten-Free Friends: An Activity Book For Kids

Book Cover, Gluten-Free Friends: An Activity Book For Kids

Imagine being a kid and not being able to eat cookies, pizza, or spaghetti like your friends. Many kids have to avoid these foods because they contain gluten, a protein in wheat and other grains that is toxic.  This is especially true for kids with celiac disease, a particular form of gluten intolerance. Delightful illustrations help communicate basic concepts….such as how gluten damages a child’s small intestine in simple, easy-to-understand terms….that clarify the idea without confusing the child.  After each chapter, multi-sensory learning activities assist parents and caretakers in guiding the child through the book. For example, one activity asks kids to draw the path of food as it goes through their bodies. Kids want to fit in and Falini knows that a special diet often sets kids apart from their peers at a time when they desperately want to be a part of the gang. Ages 4 and up.

© 2003 Falini, Nancy Patin
Audience: Children, Parent
ISBN: 1889374091
Language: Eng