Food For Tots: The Complete Guide To Feeding Preschoolers

Food for Tots is written for “parents, teachers, grandparents, and other caregivers of those children who will put anything but food into their mouths.” Food for Tots, the complete guide to feeding preschoolers, is a comprehensive cookbook and nutrition guide. It is a great resource for parents, grandparents, day care providers and other caregivers of young children. The book includes tips for raising healthy eaters, from first foods to finger foods to family meals. There are more than 100 kid-tested recipes that will please even the pickiest eaters. Young children love to help cook. There are great recipes for playdough, bubbles, and other fun kitchen crafts. The book also contains four chapters of essential information about food allergies, food safety, nutrition, and how to encourage healthy eating behaviors. It addresses the common concerns that parents of young children!  have. The format is lively, and easy to use.

© 2001 Wooley, Janice MD & Pugmire, Jennifer
Audience: Parent, Professional