Finicky Eaters: What To Do When Kids Won’t Eat!

Does you child refuse to eat foods from a specific food group? Does your dinner table turn into a battleground during mealtimes? Are you working with a student who is anxious or scared of eating new foods? If you have answered yes, then this book is the perfect resource with easy answers to these troubling questions. This book is written for parents and professionals working with children with food aversions and eating challenges. Dr. Lori Ernsperger and Ms. Tania Stegen-Hanson provide clear and concise strategies and practical lessons for assisting children in eating a balanced diet. This valuable resource contains a comprehensive treatment plan for solving mealtime struggles.

© 2005 Ernsperger, Lori, Phd & Stegen-Hanson, Tania, Otr/L
Audience: Parent, Professional