Eager Eddy: The World’s Most Active Dude

Eager Eddy is the story of a friendly and rambunctious hero who has lots and lots of energy. Eddy takes us on a journey of his daily life where he explains what it’s like to be forgetful and impulsive at home and at school. Eager Eddy has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Eager Eddy is proud of who he is and shares with us the challenges and the joys he experiences from day to day. Eddy explains how he doesn’t mind people describing his behavior as ADHD. After all, his high energy is a gift. Some of the nicest people of all time have ADHD. He is a very special person. Join Eager Eddy on his very special journey!

© 2007 Bobula, Jill & Bobula, Katherine
Audience: Children