Dry Days, Wet Nights

Book Cover, Dry Days, Wet Nights

Little Bunny wants to stop wetting his bed at night, and his mother patiently helps him realize that that will happen when the time is right. Bunny has a difficult time trying to understand why his pajamas and bed are wet nearly every morning when he wakens. His parents help him through this “growing up” period by explaining that he will be dry-all night- when the time is right. And, of course, that time comes. A family outing for the day is in order as a celebration for Bunny’s newfound pride and excitement. The watercolor illustrations portray a kind, loving family that is certain to be reassuring to the intended audience. Through a well-constructed story line, many young children will recognize themselves, and be reassured. The book encourages patience in an upbeat manner. A note in the front offers explanations and sound advice for anxious parents. Ages 3 and up.

© 1994 Boelts, Maribeth
Audience: Children
Contributors: Kathy Parkinson (Illustrator), Parkinson, Kathy, ill.
ISBN: 0807517232
Language: Eng

“Little Bunny lined up his four yellow ducks along the edge of the bathtub while Mama laid out his towel and pajamas.”