Don’t You Get It? Living With Auditory Learning Disabilities

Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) is a processing problem, considered a learning disability, where the child (or adult) is unable to integrate information that is spoken to them. It can be a very debilitating disorder affecting the child in many aspects of life, from academics to peer relationships. And many children and adults have the disorder and don’t even realize. This book was written by three experts in the field, led by educator and speech-language pathologist Dr. Jay Lucker, along with Dr. Loraine Alderman, a school psychologist, and Harvey Edell, a former teacher. And all three co-authors have APD. The book is filled with important information about the disorder, but even more so, it gives several real-life accounts on how APD actually manifests itself. The book also addresses the inherited nature of APD, through the intergenerational stories by Edell, his daughter Alderman and Alderman’s teenage son Andrew. This is an important book to read if your child often asks “What?” or just doesn’t seem to “get it.”

© 2008 Harvey Edell; Jay R. Lucker Edd, Ccc-A/Slp, Faaa; Loraine Alderman Psy.D.
Audience: Parent, Professional