Do You Remember The Color Blue? And Other Questions Kids Ask About Blindness

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Hobart Alexander lost her sight at the age of twenty-six, and although the experience was devastating, eventually her life changed in positive ways she never expected. In Do You Remember the Color Blue? Sally answers thirteen thought-provoking questions that children have asked her over the years about being blind. Each one addresses a different aspect of her experience, from coping with her loss and dealing with people who don’t know how to treat a blind person to marrying a man she couldn’t see and being a blind mom. Illustrated with snapshots from Sally’s life, and photographs of interesting gadgets, Do You Remember the Color Blue? is a candid conversation that will change children’s ideas about what it means to be blind. Appropriate for ages 9 and up, this book is based on a series of questions children have asked the author , who has a visual impairment, about blindness.

© 2000 Alexander, Sally Hobart
Audience: Children, Parent