Creative Resources For The Anti-Bias Classroom

Book Cover, Creative Resources For The Anti-Bias Classroom

This text on anti-bias activities integrates information about developmentally based planning and child development that reflects the current diversities of our society. Experiences have been designed to promote the positive self-esteem of each individual child, support the value of others’ uniqueness and enable children to think critically about discrimination and acquire skills in pro-activism. Activities are organized by developmental areas and by curriculum areas (e.g. math, language, social studies, science, art, music, etc.). A sequential Anti-Bias Developmental Overview chart summarizes all 300 activities as an illustration of skill progression from infancy to school age. Developmentally appropriate interactions and materials are used to strengthen a child’s awareness of and comfort with diversity.

© 1999 Nadia Saderman Hall
Audience: Professional
ISBN: 0827380151
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