Childhood Speech, Language and Listening Problems: What Every Parent Should Know

Have you noticed that your child has difficulty getting the right words out, following directions, or being understood? If so, this highly effective guide will help you determine what’s best for your child. Find out all you need to know about: Autism/PDD, central auditory processing disorders, dyspraxia, bilingual language development, adoption issues, thumb-sucking, and more; how to recognize the most common speech, language, and listening problems; when to get help for your child and when to wait ; where to find the right specialist and what to ask; how to read and understand the jargon-filled evaluation report; how the problem may affect your child academically, socially, and at home and tips for helping your child at home.

© 2010 Patricia Mcaleer Hamaguchi
Audience: Parent, Professional
ISBN: 0470630515
Language: Eng