Catherine’s Story

What makes Catherine so special? She can’t talk, and she can’t walk like her cousin Frances can. But Catherine listens very closely, she walks in her special shoes, and her claps are so quiet that hardly anyone can hear them. These are some of the things that make Catherine special and, because her family knows how special she is, this makes them feel special, too…so Catherine’s dad tells her as he puts her to bed. Just before he turns off the light, he sees Catherine smiling and clapping her hands. This beautifully illustrated and simply told story is about a girl with an unspecified disability who relies on others to help her do many ordinary things, but who offers them much love and happiness in return. Inspired by the author’s own experience with her young niece, Catherine’s Story is evocatively illustrated by a highly experienced artist who thoroughly researched the details of her subject’s abilities and daily life. Ages 5 and up.

© 2010 Moore, Genevieve
Audience: Children