Can I tell you about Self-Harm?

This book describes what self-harm is, along with the wide range of behaviors that qualify, why teens do it, and how to get help if you feel the need to self-harm. Reflecting on the different aspects of self-harming behavior, including treatment of injuries and scars, this concise introduction dispels common myths and offers helpful resources to break the cycle of self-harm. By initiating the conversation around self-harm, this guide will offer alternative avenues for children and young adults to pursue when dealing with big feelings, such as professional counseling, distraction, and friends and family. Suitable for readers 7+,  along with their parents, teachers, and friends.

© 2018 Pooky Knightsmith and Elise Evans
Audience: Adolescents/Teens, Parent
ISBN: 1785924281
Language: Eng