Bagels, Buddy, And Me: A Story About Gluten Intolerance And Celiac Disease

Eight year old Cooper tells of a time when he had to stop eating his favorite food – bagels!  After having lots of headaches and tummy aches, he discovers that the cause of his sickness is bagels and lots of other foods, too.  Cooper journeys through doctor visits, hospital stays, blood tests, an MRI and an endoscopy to find that he has Celiac Disease which is a gluten intolerance.  He learns about villi, intestines, antibodies and more. After his initial disappointment at giving up his favorite foods, he finds there are actually ways to make pizza, muffins, cookies, pasta, and even bagels gluten free.  He also discovers that there are others in his family who can’t eat gluten – even a very unexpected someone – Buddy, his golden retriever!

© 2007 Krumrey, Melanie
Audience: Children
ISBN: 0979770300
Language: Eng