Autism … What Does It Mean To Me? A Workbook Explaining Self Awareness and Life Lessons to the Child or Youth with High Functioning Autism or Asperger’s

Written by internationally renowned autism trainer, teacher, and advocate and best-selling author Catherine Faherty, the workbook is engaged by the autistic child or adult to enhance self-understanding and awareness and foster communication with others about needs, preferences, and identity. Most every facet of a person’s life is explored — areas particular to autism and areas every person engages — among them: ways of thinking, including focused interests, perfection versus doing your best, and the support of schedules; sensory experience, including stimming; creative expression; learning about and interacting with people; writing Social Stories; understanding speech and expressions in others; types of communication, including verbal or nonverbal, self-advocacy, and miscommunication; supportive structures for school and approaching IEPs; friendship, play, and online acquaintances and safety; and emotions, including feeling anxious or upset, depression, and outbursts.

© 2014 Faherty, Catherine
Audience: Children, Parent, Professional