Autism Speaks Community Connections: Dental Guide

Visits to the dentist and oral care at home can be difficult for people with autism. Autism Speaks partnered with Colgate and Philips-Sonicare to create a dental guide and video for families of children with autism and dental professionals. The Dental Guide also includes:

  • forms to use for your visit
  • a visual schedule to help the child understand the steps involved in a routine dentist appointment
  • information about oral care at home

These tools are designed to:

  • help families and caregivers find the right dentist
  • teach families and caregivers how to effectively prepare for a visit to the dentist
  • decrease anxiety about going to the dentist
  • provide information for families to help begin a lifetime of good oral care
  • provide dental professionals with tips about how to make the experience more successful for their patients with autism

The guide has been printed out and is available through the Lending Library as well.

The video that was also produced shows a visit to the dentist by a child with autism – YouTube Video

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