Asperger’s Teens: Understanding High School for Students on the Autism Spectrum

If you have Asperger’s, high school can be a time of great promise and opportunity — to learn more about subjects you’re excited about, join clubs and activities that interest you, and make new friends — but it can also be uncomfortable at times. This book helps you use your strengths and unique personal style to feel more comfortable in high school.

Chock full of quizzes, exercises, and examples, this book can help you:

  • Understand your unique strengths and weaknesses
  • Work well with your teachers
  • Connect with other kids at school
  • Recognize and deal with bullying
  • Use social media safely and politely
  • Develop healthy habits
  • Cope with stress and strong emotions
  • Become more independent

Take a look inside, and find some ways to help yourself feel more comfortable and more relaxed in high school — and better able to make friends, understand teachers, and get the grades you are capable of!

© 2015 Blythe Grossberg, PsyD
Audience: Adolescents/Teens, Parent, Professional