Anatomy of Autism: A Pocket Guide for Educators, Parents, and Students

“Trust me, I want to talk to you. My inability to speak is confused for my intelligence.” Diego Peña is a sharp-witted 9 year old boy whose goal is to deliver a message that shatters misconceptions about autism. Only Diego cannot yet speak. By pointing to letters on a laminated letter board and typing on a keyboard, he breaks through his silence to express his inner-thoughts in Anatomy of Autism.In this pocket guide for individuals who support autistic students, Diego concisely articulates the challenges and dilemmas he faces with his sensory system, communication, and motor system. He thoughtfully explores the implications and possibilities of these challenges as a primary school student. His experiences nudge educators, therapists, parents, and students to rethink their approaches to supporting individuals who are autistic and non-speaking. Only 27 pages.

© 2017 Diego M. Pena
Audience: Parent, Professional