All About IEP’s: Answers To Frequently Asked Questions About IEP’s

A wonderful reference tool that is laid out in a very user-friendly format that provides quick reference to specific topics related to special education. All About IEPs answers more than 200 frequently asked questions about IEPs (Individual Educational Plans) and the IEP process. The Q & A format makes it quick and easy to find your specific areas of interest without ever having to read the entire book from beginning to end, searching for the answers. Each chapter includes recommended resources on where to find more information, end notes that provide reference to the statutes and regulations which are then further detailed in Appendices A and B in the back of the book, advocate s tips, samples and checklists, and a summary. What is great about this book for parents is that it explains special education law and your rights and responsibilities in language that is easy to understand.

© 2010 Wright, Peter W.D. Esq; Darr Wright, Pamela Ma, Msw; Webb O'connor, Sandra M.Ed.
Audience: Parent, Professional