ADHD A Guide For Families

Book Cover, ADHD A Guide For Families

This empowering book gives families practical, concrete know-how. The ADHD Handbook is packed with proven, real-life strategies and techniques that can be put to use immediately, including how to develop behavior modification plans by accurately observing, recording, and reporting behavior; how to decide if and when to use medication; how to work with clinical and education professionals and other members of the family for effective interventions. The author, Paul Weingartner, brings a unique perspective to this book. He is an experienced clinician who has worked for years with children who have ADHD–and he has ADHD himself. He relates a personal account of how he applied his own strategies to change the way he interacted with family members and coworkers. The ADHD Handbook is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to understand what ADHD is, what it feels like, and how to help children live a full life.

© 1998 Paul Weingartner
Audience: Parent