A Learning Experience: A Story For Teens With Anaphylaxis

Kaylee is just starting her first year at high school. She is excited and anxious all at the same time. There is one catch; she is severely allergic to peanuts and nuts. She has lived with the allergy since birth. Elementary school was a breeze. She was the popular girl at school. Will high school be the same? Will the allergy get in the way of normal high school life? Will she take her allergy seriously or hide it from the world and learn the consequences? Is there relationship possibilities in her future or will the allergy get in the way? There is a bully in the school. Does he find Kaylee and use her allergy against her? Are there others in the school with allergies or is she singled out? See how she conquers her first couple of months in high school, her first dance, her first love, her life saving adventure, and her new found realization and acceptance of her allergy. Join Kaylee in her adventure at her first couple of months of high school and find out how she uses her experiences to benefit not only herself, but others with anaphylaxis.

© 2007 Vanderwoude, Jennifer
Audience: Adolescents/Teens, Parent