At Daddy’s on Saturdays

Although her parents’ divorce causes her to feel anger, concern, and sadness, Katie discovers that she can keep a loving relationship with her father even though he lives apart from her.

Changes: My Family And Me

Book Cover, Changes: My Family And Me

This colorful book addresses changes in a family, from divorce to remarriage, in a simple and direct manner. Ages 4 and up.

Dear Daddy

Book Cover, Dear Daddy

Jesse’s daddy lives across the country, and Jesse misses him very much. One day he writes his father a letter. When there’s no timely response, an unhappy Jesse writes again. He exudes happiness when he finally receives a long, wonderful letter from his dad, who explains that he has been away. The next day, Daddy… More Dear Daddy

Dinosaurs Divorce: A Guide For Changing Families

Book Cover, Dinosaurs Divorce: A Guide For Changing Families

This reassuring picture book is perfect for helping young children deal with the confusion and anxieties apt to arise when divorce occurs. Simple and direct, suggests positive ways of handling the fears and feelings divorce brings. Lively, funny illustrations.

Good-Bye, Daddy

Book Cover, Good-Bye, Daddy

This tender story-in-a-story makes the emotionally charged topic of separation and divorce approachable. Offers no simple solutions, merely shows a boy and a bear learning that even when a father has to live in another home, the love and caring never go away.

I Live with Daddy

Olivia, who lives with just her dad since her parents got divorced, has chosen to write a book about her mom’s glamorous career as a TV reporter but manages to show that she loves both her parents equally.

I Think Divorce Stinks

An appealing and realistic presentation of things children do not like about divorce. Written in simple language with a rhyming pattern and cartoon style illustrations. School age children of all levels enjoy this book.

I Wish I Had My Father

Book Cover, I Wish I Had My Father

Father’s Day is tough for a boy whose father left him years ago and never communicates with him.

If Daddy Only Knew Me

Book Cover, If Daddy Only Knew Me

Curious about the father who left them years ago, five-year-old Kate and her older sister Glory make an expedition across town to view him at his new home where he has a new family.  Ages 5 and up.

Let’s Talk About It: Divorce (Mr. Rogers)

Divorce is difficult enough for adults, but for children, it can be devastating. Here, Rogers presents much-needed information to read, discuss, and implement. He defines a family as anyone who gives a child food, care, love, and a place to feel safe.  Preschool-Grade 3.

On the Day His Daddy Left

Like many children, Danny is afraid his parents’ divorce is his fault. So on the day his daddy leaves, Danny writes a secret question on a slip of paper: Is it my fault? He shows the question to his teacher, his friend, and his dad and mom. Everyone reassures him that the divorce is not… More On the Day His Daddy Left

Room for a Stepdaddy

Book Cover, Room for a Stepdaddy

Joey has trouble accepting his new stepfather, but the constant love of his father, mother, and stepfather finally convince him that there is love enough to go around for everybody. Ages 3-5

She’s Not My Real Mother

Miles doesn’t like his step-mother, and refuses to be her friend. After they go to the ice show together, he realizes that perhaps he and she can be friends.