Molly’s Rosebush

A gentle, honest story about Molly, whose mother suffers a miscarriage. In an introduction, Cohn talks to parents about how children are affected by such a loss, how it should be explained to them, what their reactions may be, and how to determine if professional help is needed. The subject matter is sensitively presented. Ages… More Molly’s Rosebush

On The Wings Of A Butterfly – A Story About Life And Death

Beautiful watercolor illustrations accompany this poignant story about the  friendship between a young girl dying of cancer and a caterpillar preparing to become a monarch  butterfly.  Butterfly opens the door for talking about death, dying, and the wonder of life.

One More Wednesday

Book Cover, One More Wednesday

Malika Doray has written and illustrated a unique tale of love, loss, and understanding that will help and comfort anyone who has lost someone important, and open the way for all of us to talk about the mysteries of life, death, and eternity.

Rudi’s Pond

The young narrator’s best friend, Rudi, is very sick, and it’s hard for her to understand. When Rudi dies, the narrator and the other children in school help to build a pond by the big knobby oak to remember him by. A hummingbird feeder that Rudi made hangs by the pond, and one day a… More Rudi’s Pond

Samantha Jane’s Missing Smile

Samantha Jane misses her father very much. Sometimes the sadness feels so big she is afraid to let herself feel it. Sammy Jane is also worried about her mother, and whether they are all going to be happy again someday. But then she feels guilty. Is it right to feel happy when her father can’t… More Samantha Jane’s Missing Smile

Sargeant’s Heaven

Sargeants’s Heaven portrays the heaven that a family created for their son, Sargeant after his death. This warm and touching book imagines Sargeants’s life in heaven where he takes cloud bubble baths, roasts marshmallows on stars and plays cards with his great great great grandfather.It is the author’s hope that Sargeant’s Heaven will be a… More Sargeant’s Heaven

Saying Goodbye to Daddy

Book Cover, Saying Goodbye to Daddy

Frightened, lonely, and angry after her father is killed in a car accident, Clare is helped through the grieving process by her mother and grandfather.

Someone Special Died

Book Cover, Someone Special Died

This sensitive book offers a comforting and realistic look at some of the critical emotional issues that a child may face. Includes discussion questions at the end.


Book Cover, Sophie

Sophie loves her Grandpa. And her Grandpa loves Sophie. They are best friends. And then one day there is no Grandpa. . . . Family love and the natural cycle of birth, life, and death are tenderly portrayed in this moving story. Ages 3-8 yrs.

Stacy Had A Little Sister

Book Cover, Stacy Had A Little Sister

Stacy has mixed feelings about her new sister Ashley, but when the baby dies of sudden Infant Death Syndrome, Stacy is sad and misses her.

Tell Me Papa

Book Cover, Tell Me Papa

Answers to questions children ask about death and dying. A gentle explanation for children about death and the funeral. Tells children about what happens when you die, explains the funeral, cremation and answers questions honestly.  Useful tool for parents and caregivers searching for he right words to say.

The Empty Place, A Child’s Guide Through Grief

When a nine-year-old boy’s beloved big sister dies, he is confused, angry and fearful. For the first time he must face the finality of death and the pain of loss. His parents, also grieving, seem distant, until a counselor teaches them all how to cope and heal. Ages 4-10.

The Fall Of Freddie The Leaf: A Story For All Ages

This story by Leo Buscaglia is a warm, wonderfully wise and strikingly simple story about a leaf names Freddie. How Freddie and his companion leaves change with the passing seasons, finally falling to the ground with winter’s snow, is an inspiring allegory illustrating the delicate balance between life and death. Ages 4 and up.

The Grandad Tree

Book Cover, The Grandad Tree

The changing nature of their apple tree, as it grows and goes through the seasons, reminds Leigh and Vin of their grandfather, who is gone but lives on in their memories.  Ages 6-8

The Memory String

Book Cover, The Memory String

Each button on Laura’s memory string represents a piece of her family history. The buttons Laura cherishes the most belonged to her mother—a button from her prom dress, a white one off her wedding dress, and a single small button from the nightgown she was wearing on the day she died. When the string breaks,… More The Memory String

The Purple Balloon

Book Cover, The Purple Balloon

This gentle little book is a place to start talking about death with children. Softly-colored balloons with expressive faces evoke the sorrow, concern and care that family and caregivers show for terminally ill family members. Raschka’s first line sets the tone for the book as he states, “Dying is hard work.” He explains how family,… More The Purple Balloon

The Saddest Time

Book Cover, The Saddest Time

Explains death as the inevitable end of life and provides three situations in which children experience powerful emotions when someone close has died. This book can help to stimulate dialogue between adults and children on the subject of life and death. Ages 4 and up.