So You Have Asthma Too!

Children’s book explaining what asthma is and what you can do about it. Includes a resource page.

Special Foods For Special Kids: Practical Solutions and Great Recipes For Children with Food Allergies

I can’t have milk. It hurts my stomach!” “I’m allergic to eggs!” “I get hives from wheat!” To the family of a child on a special diet, meal times can be hard. This important book provides support, recipes, and resources for parents and caregivers who have children with food allergies or intolerances to milk, gluten,… More Special Foods For Special Kids: Practical Solutions and Great Recipes For Children with Food Allergies

Sports-Tastic Birthday Party

Sports-Tastic Birthday Party It’s Scotty’s birthday and you’re invited to the soccer field for cake, candles and kicks. Join The No Biggie Bunch as they learn that while food allergies are no laughing matter, there’s always something to smile about when friends are around. They’re such good sports!

Starting School With A Food Allergy: Tips For A Peanut Allergic Kid

Ricky is allergic to peanuts. He is starting Kindergarten this year. Can he stay safe at school and still have fun? Photos from school and beginning reader text help children in grades PreK-2 learn how they can stay safe at school. Classmates find out easy ways that they can help a food allergic child.

Taking Asthma To Camp

Book Cover, Taking Asthma To Camp

A fictional story about Asthma Camp. Captures the spirit of childhood and illustrates to children living with asthma that they too, can enjoy this most enchanting and educational summer experience.

Taking Asthma To School

Book Cover, Taking Asthma To School

Designed to be read aloud in a child’s classroom. This book helps provide an emotionally safe school environment for children with asthma; allowing classmates to view them as kids who just happen to have asthma at no fault of their own.

Taking Food Allergies To School

Book Cover, Taking Food Allergies To School

This book provides an explanation of Jeffrey’s food allergies,and how they make him feel, while also pointing out how he is like his classmates. Tips for teachers and a recipe for allergy free pizza are also included. (ages 5-10)

The Lion Who Had Asthma

Book Cover, The Lion Who Had Asthma

Sean’s nebulizer mask and his imagination aid in his recovery following an astyhma attack. Includes information on childhood asthma and how to control its symptoms.

The Peanut Butter Jam

Book Cover, The Peanut Butter Jam

Sam is allergic to peanuts, but when teased, makes the choice to pick up a peanut butter covered project, and has a reaction which leads to a trip to the hospital. A good book to use to explain peanut allergy to classmates, siblings.

The Princess And The Peanut Allergy

Book Cover, The Princess And The Peanut Allergy

Regina is having a birthday party and plans to have a very special cake, that her friend Paula realizes she can’t eat, due to her peanut allergy.

Trade-Or-Treat Halloween

Grab your No Biggie Bag and hit the pavement its Halloween! The No Biggie Bunch doesn’t just trick-or-treat, they TRADE-or-Treat as they swap the candy they’re allergic to for space-age surprises. Treats have never been sweeter!


Book Cover, Zooallergy

A fun and practical story for any child living with allergies. Helps children understand the importance of learning what their allergy triggers are and how to possibly avoid them. Illustrates the fact that children with allergies can do many things.