Youth For Education, Advocacy, and Healthcare (YEAH) Council

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Youth For Education, Advocacy, and Healthcare (YEAH) Council is a youth driven and directed group of individuals with disabilities and/or special health care needs. We are focused on developing and strengthening the skills and resources needed to achieve the unique independent life that we each desire. YEAH does this by empowering, educating and supporting individuals and professionals in the areas of education, advocacy and health care.

YEAH Website provides tools to teens and young adults with disabilities and chronic health conditions. “It doesn’t matter if you have a learning difference, a rare disease, a mental health issue, or a physical disability – there’s something here for you that will help navigate the challenges you are facing right now and prepare for the awesomeness that could be your future. We assembled a crew of professionals, advocates, family members, teens and young adults who are constantly scoping out resources and information about six areas related to planning for life now, after high school and beyond. These key areas are advocacy, employment, education, finances, healthcare & leadership.”

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Phone: (603) 271-4525