NH Governor’s Commission on Disability

The Governor’s Commission on Disability (GCD) is created pursuant to RSA 275-C and is a State of New Hampshire agency that serves people with cross-disabilities, advises the Governor, Legislature, and other state agencies regarding disability-related compliance, and provides assistance with the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) and other disability law compliance. The GCD is organizationally structured directly within the Office of the Governor, and its Chair and Commission Members are appointed by the Governor. The Commission Members afford all of us a breadth of institutional knowledge and real life experiences applicable to those with a disability in a host of venues.

The work of the GCD is multidimensional and requires many individuals supporting the cause to remove barriers to equality. As you navigate the GCD’s website, you will gain insight as to the efforts of the agency staff, the workings of the GCD’s statutory committee known as the Committee on Architectural Barrier Free Design, as well as the internal committees which the GCD has established. You will also see how the GCD collaborates with other entities and agencies.

The GCD is the designated agency for the federally funded Client Assistance Program and is the housing agency for the federally mandated Statewide Independent Living Council. Further, the GCD administers the Telecommunications Equipment Assistance Program which provides for access to telephone service for qualified individuals with a disability and is the recipient for an annual appropriation which funds Newsline for the Blind, which guarantees access to newsprint for those who are blind or have low vison.

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