Child Development Services Network

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The Child Development Services Network is a collaborative, community-based approach to the provision of state-of-the-art diagnostic evaluation services to children from birth through 6 years of age suspected of or at risk for altered developmental progress. The Child Development Network Services provides: Team evaluation consisting of a pediatric neuro-developmental examination, an assessment of the child’s current developmental and cognitive functioning, speech and language, and motor development. A review of the child’s current educational and treatment program when indicated. Post-evaluation recommendations for normative, therapeutic and/or educational services and monitoring progress. These include: Identification of the child’s learning style and school program needs, referral to community resources for additional diagnostic testing, counseling or treatment services,  assistance in finding appropriate community support and educational resources and follow-up monitoring or re-evaluation.

* Lebanon Area: Pediatrics and Child Development – DHMC – Tel: (603) 653-6087

* Lakes Region Area: Community Health & Hospice , Inc.  Tel: (800) 524-4339 X 346

* North Country Area: North Country Child Development – Tel: (603) 788-5304

* Manchester Area: Amoskeag Health – Tel: (603) 606-5456 X 128

* Keene Child Health Services – Tel: (603) 606-5456 X 128

* Seacoast Area – Seacoast Child Development – Tel: (603) 862-0561

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