Granite Pathways

The Granite Pathways of today is a multi-faceted, statewide organization that provides an array of services for those struggling with mental illness or substance use disorders.


Peer Supported Recovery model is a holistic approach to long-term recovery. People who have traveled the pathway to recovery and who understand the job and challenges of the journey lead the process. Working alongside someone with a shared experience means that support is credible and sustaining. Research proves that peer-led support is the most effective approach to substance use recovery. Embedded within our peer recovery centers is workforce readiness opportunities. We believe that work completes treatment.

Family Support Services ensure that family members do not feel isolated and have the supports they need to make it through the day to day challenges of having a loved one struggling with addiction. Through group sessions, families have the opportunity to share their stories, learn how to effectively cope, and manage expectations.

Clubhouses located in Manchester and Portsmouth offer a welcoming, supportive environment to those struggling with mental illness.All of our services and supports are focused on helping individuals achieve stability and pursue education or employment—resulting in long term self-sufficiency. For information contact Patricia Reed at

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