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Located in Boscawen, NH. Eagala therapy is different than many traditional forms of counseling in that it utilizes a team treatment approach to attend to the needs of both human and horse. The Equina Assisted Growth and Learning Association (Eagala) model is an evidence based, non-riding form of therapy, with the purpose being to put the Client and horse in an equal power dynamic, as partners in the work. Clients and their treatment team are in a space with our horse partners in what is commonly referred to as ‘at liberty’, meaning the horses are untethered in the space and free to act and interact in whatever way they choose. Second, is that Eagala utilizes a treatment team approach. A team consists of the Client, the horse(s), the mental health specialist, and an equine specialist. Eagala prioritizes Client and horse well-being. Properly attending to the emotional and safety needs of both the Client and horses in the space is more than one clinician could probably do well, so Eagala adds an equine specialist to the sessions to monitor the well-being of the horses. Working together, the mental health provider and equine specialist will facilitate sessions and build treatment plans that allow Clients to explore their healing journeys in a way that preserves horse welfare. Equine Specialists are held to the same rules of confidentiality as the mental health therapist. For more information and other services check out the website.

A.B.A. Behavioral Consulting

A.B.A. Behavioral Consulting provides the highest level of clinical services to adults with varying levels of disability and their support teams. We promote behavior change through the application of Applied Behavior Analysis and evidence-based practices. Services include; individualized behavioral services, social skills classes, parent and caregiver training, group and individual staff training, and consultation.

The Care Farm, LLC

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to give a cow a bath?  Have a baby chick sit on your shoulder?  Take a goat for a walk?  Groom a horse?  Hold a kitten? These are just a few of the many activities we enjoy at The Care Farm! The Care Farm, located n Hollis NH, promotes mental and physical health by combining the care of animals and the natural world with the care of people.  At The Care Farm, people, animals and the earth work together to nurture health and well-being. Programming is designed specifically for special needs youth and adults.

Infinity Children’s Occupational Therapy

Infinity offers a wide range of therapy provided in your child’s most natural environments including your home, their community or school. Jamie Jones, MS OTR/L has advanced training in sensory integration theory, vestibular rehabilitation, treating children with autism spectrum disorders, attention deficit disorder, social anxiety disorders & pediatric aquatic therapy. Certified in the Angelfish Swim Methodology for providing top notch aquatic therapy for children with a variety of diagnoses. Experience working with children with behavioral, emotional and sensory related self-regulation difficulties and implementing the Alert Program & The Zones of Regulation. Certified in the Therapeutic Listening Program also certified to administer the Sensory Integration and Praxis Test (SIPT). Jamie is also trained in Rhythmic Movement Training for integration of retained primary reflexes as well as the SOS Approach to Feeding.

Swim Angelfish – Adaptive Swim Program

Angelfish Therapy provides aquatic therapy with licensed Physical and Occupational Therapists. They are specially trained on working in the water through our one-day Totally Treatment workshop and continuing education videos.  They see a variety of diagnosis such as Developmental Delay, Hypotonia, Sensory Processing Disorders, Autism, Motor disorders, Down syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, Chromosomal abnormalities, Rett’s Syndrome and many more.

They use the therapeutic properties of the water to enhance our sessions and treat multiple sites at the same time. They work on core strength, motor planning, self-regulation, sensory processing, bilateral coordination, body awareness and more, all in a dynamic 45-minute session.  They provide individual therapy, semiprivate and small groups where we can add the social component, as well as parent child classes. They see children as young as 6 months up to 21 years old.

Swim Whisperers swim lessons are specifically designed to help children overcome the 14 most commonly seen roadblocks in teaching children with Autism, sensory and motor coordination issues how to become safe independent swimmers. The instructors are trained to integrate strategies into a typical swim lesson so the child learns to swim faster and with less discomfort than traditional swim methods.

Understanding the properties of the water and the science behind why a child seeks underwater. For example, the hydrostatic pressure of the water offers their body the deep pressure to satiate their central nervous system and helps them maintain attention to the lesson. The strategy of allowing opportunity to safely submerge several times during a 30 minute swim lesson in order for the child to maintain an organized state for learning to swim is a great example of our methodology. Children learn safe ritual and routine to improve safety awareness in and around all bodies of water.

Swim Angelfish meets at The Workout Club of Salem, 16 Pelham Rd, Salem, NH

CARD – Center for Autism and Related Disorders

The CARD program includes comprehensive and cutting-edge curricula that can be tailored to the specific needs of individuals from birth through adulthood. These programs help individuals learn to communicate, develop friendships, and lead happy, healthy lives.CARD Specialized Outpatient Services (SOS) provides assistance with specific areas of concern for a family and develops and implements strategies to diminish challenging behaviors and teach necessary skills.

Hope Vantage LLC

Trust Based Relational Intervention TBRI® is an attachment-based, trauma-informed intervention that is designed to meet the complex needs of vulnerable children. TBRI® uses Empowering Principles to address physical needs, Connecting Principles for attachment needs, and Correcting Principles to disarm fear-based behaviors. While the intervention is based on years of attachment, sensory processing, and neuroscience research, the heartbeat of TBRI® is connection.

Hope Vantage LLC offers:

♦ Full Training in Trust Based Relational Intervention © consists of four six hour modules of training including; An Overview of the Model, Connecting Principles, Empowering Principles and Correcting Principles.  Package includes snacks, digital materials, and a spiral bound laminated TBRI © guide for each participant.

♦ Consulting – is available to any organization that is looking to implement trauma informed care giving into their work. Set up a free initial consultation to determine your needs.

♦ Caregiver Coaching – coaching sessions help reinforce the TBRI principles and help parents to regain a sense of hope which is integral to feeling content and successful as a parent. Coaching is available in home, or virtually through phone or video conferencing. An initial free consultation will help you determine the services that will meet your needs.


Atlantic Adaptive Movement Program

Atlantic Gymnastics Training Center, Adaptive Movement Program in Portsmouth offers youngsters and adults with special needs the opportunity to step foot into the world of gymnastics to reap the benefits of early intervention and ongoing therapeutic sessions. The extensive variety of movements encouraged around the gym and on the various apparatus allows many individuals assistance in gaining upper and lower body strength, core stability, confidence, body and spatial awareness, improved processing and motor planning capabilities, calming stimulation, coordination, and increased patience and adaptability to differing circumstances.

The Institute of Professional Practice, Inc. (IPPI)

IPPI New Hampshire serves children and adults with autism and other behavioral challenges from its offices in Concord, Merrimack and the Stratham. The agency also outreaches to families, schools, and other professionals throughout the state who need specialized planning and assistance with difficult situations faced by individuals with disabilities. The Institute provides a statewide Clinical Outreach Department whose clinicians provide on-site School-Based Services to help students aged 3-21 experiencing behavioral challenges. Our Clinical Outreach department also offers comprehensive programs that remediate the fundamental problems of autism.

The services offered state-wide include:

♦ BCBA Services

♦ Early Intervention

♦ School-based Supports

♦ Outreach Assistance to Children and Families

♦ Behavioral Consultation and Training for Professionals and Parents

Small Steps in Speech

Small Steps in Speech assists children with speech and language disorders by funding supplemental therapies and treatments for individuals. Small Steps in Speech will accept applications on behalf of children between the ages of 3 and 22 years and families with a combined household income under $125,000. For application go to website. Quarterly grants.