Raising the Self-Determined Child

Raising the Self Determined Child Making decisions is more than making a choice. As a parent, you can support your child with a disability to learn and practice the process of decision-making. This short booklet on self-determination skills gives helpful tips on helping you child develop skills early in life that can provide a strong… More Raising the Self-Determined Child

Foster Care Transition Tool Kit

Foster Care Transition Tool Kit The U.S. Department of Education released a new toolkit to inspire and support current and former foster youth pursuing college and career opportunities. The Foster Care Transition Toolkit includes tips and resources intended to help foster youth access and navigate social, emotional, educational and skills barriers as they transition into… More Foster Care Transition Tool Kit

By Youth for Youth: Employment

By-Youth-For-Youth-Employment was written by youth for youth who want to know more about finding and keeping the right job. It is important to consider what makes a job right for each young person, where to look, and how to write a resume and interview. Youth with disabilities also need to consider disability disclosure in the workplace and… More By Youth for Youth: Employment

A Youth Guide to Treatment and Treatment Planning – A Better Life

Treatment is the word used to describe all the ways that assistance is provided to young people (and not so young people) to make important changes so that their lives are better. This guide help to understand what treatment planning is and what things to consider.

A Youth Guide to Wraparound Services – Your Life, Your Future

Wrap-a-what? Someone cares about your life and future. That’s why you’ve been recommended for Wraparound. Funny name for a process that has one goal: supporting you in making positive life choices. This guide will help a young person understand the process and the importance of their role.

Growing UP

Health care transition for teens with a chronic health condition, tips for parents.