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Recovery Boys Documentary Screening and Panel

November 10, 2020

Please join us on Tuesday, November 10th for a screening of Recovery Boys. Following the screening, a panel of experts will discuss access to substance use disorder treatment and recovery in New Hampshire and important advocacy to improve the system.

Documentary screening: 4:30 pm
Panel discussion: 6:00 pm

Discussion Panelists:
Daisy Pierce, Executive Director of Navigating Recovery
Eric Moran, RCO Manager of White Horse Recovery
Kristine Paquette, Executive Director of Homestead Inn

About the Documentary
"In the heart of America's opioid epidemic, four men attempt to reinvent their lives and mend broken relationships after years of drug abuse. Recovery Boys, from Academy Award nominated director Elaine McMillion Sheldon (Heroin(e)), is an intimate look at the strength, brotherhood, and courage that it takes to overcome addiction and lays bare the internal conflict of recovery. In an effort to break the cycle of generational addiction and trauma, the young men let go of painful pasts as they live in the present, and build a new community in a farming-based rehab. After rehab, they experience life's trials and tribulations sober, but struggle to find their place and purpose in an often unforgiving society. In today's world, where shocking statistics about the opioid crisis make headlines daily, Recovery Boys gives a deeply personal look into the unseen lives of those working toward transformation."

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