Those Sevy Blues

Book Cover, Those Sevy Blues

Jake returns in the sequel to Jake’s The Name: Sixth Grade’s the Game. He’s in seventh grade now, and just as humorous and feisty, loaded  with self-esteem and ready to share his experiences.  The compassionate, strong and irascible interpreter,  Mrs. Birge, returns, too.  Seventh grade in Jackson Junior High School offers challenges, harrowing experiences and delicately wrought  humorous insights as to what is like to be deaf and normal in a  “hearing” world.  The story starts with Day One and the dreaded “book  dump,” and includes episodes in the boys’ locker room (changing into sports uniform en masse for the first time).

© 2001 Deb Piper
Audience: Adolescents/Teens, Children
ISBN: 0880924225
Language: Eng