Ready For Take Off: Preparing Your Teen with ADHD or LD for College

Ready for Take-Off lays out a plan to keep students with ADHD or LD in college by first teaching parents to prepare their teen for take-off and their first solo flight away from the home. This essential resource encourages parents to adopt a unique “coaching-style” approach in their parenting and urges parents to stop micromanaging their teen’s day-to-day life. Using college readiness surveys and handy worksheets, parents can objectively determine if they are playing a productive or nonproductive role in their teenager’s life and learn ways to promote self-determination, daily living and academic skills by using the time in high school to help their teen be ready for take-off.

© 2011 Maitland, Theresa E. Laurie Phd; Quinn, Patricia O. Md
Audience: Parent, Professional