Raising A Child With A Neuromuscular Disorder: A Guide For Parents, Grandparents, Friends, and Professionals

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Dr. Thompson discusses how to cope with the initial diagnosis of a neuromuscular disorder and then suggests ways to get beyond the shock, numbness, and anger that may occur. She describes each of the principal diseases giving the history, signs and symptoms, the usual course, outcome, genetics, and any possible treatments. Subsequent chapters offer advice on when to ask for a second opinion about the diagnosis, how to navigate the medical maze and work with a child’s medical team. Tips on finding the most appropriate school placement and developing an individual education program (IEP) are invaluable. Dr. Thompson stresses the importance of taking one day at a time and insists that parents must care for themselves. She offers suggestions for developing family closeness and even how to make time for fun. Wise advice from parents of children with neuromuscular disease is inserted in boxes throughout the chapters.

© 1999 Thompson, Charlotte E. Md
Audience: Grandparent, Parent, Professional