Kara Mia: The Story of Sudden Loss and Slow Recovery In a Teenager With Long Qt Syndrome

Kara Mia offers readers a unique perspective on a teenager’s  cardiac arrest, diagnosis of Long QT syndrome and living with its  aftermath. Kara Anglim was fourteen when she suffered a cardiac arrest  while running track. Her life, those of her family and friends, and  doctor were changed as they struggled to cope with this tragic  event. But cope they did and Kara Mia chronicles all the difficult  steps along the way from Kara’s resuscitation, prolonged hospital  stay, her diagnosis of Long QT syndrome and her continuing  rehabilitation outside the hospital. It is a story of love and  support, tears and laughter. Black and white photographs show Kara  with family, friends and medical staff as she improves. A glossary and  bibliography are included.

© 1997 Anglim, Maryann & Allan, Walter, Md
Audience: Parent