Janet’s Got Her Period: Planning For Self-Care In Menstruation For Girls And You

This DVD shows self-care in menstruation for girls and young women with intellectual disabilities, mothers, families and carers. The 20-minute programme produced in the 1990s is shown twice with and without explanatory captions. In the video story, Louise learns about periods with her mother and her sister  Janet. The emphasis is on self-care skills and personal responsibility. The focus of the information about periods is on the occurrence of bleeding and how to use menstrual pads, using Louise’s teenage sister Janet as a positive role model for girls and women viewing the video to relate to. The handbook provides practical guidelines for developing an effective and individualized menstrual management program. By using the ideas presented, you will be able to assist young women with cognitive disabilities to achieve maximum independence in menstrual self-care. The handbook includes information about menstruation, being prepared, important considerations before teaching, skills required for independent self-care, teaching guidelines, practical aids for teaching, common concerns about inappropriate behavior and options for when proper menstrual care is not achieved.

© 1990 Judy Gray
Audience: Adolescents/Teens, Parent, Professional