It’s Okay To Be Me! Just Like You, I Can Do Almost Anything!

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From a child’s point of view, life can often seem difficult, but this brightly illustrated book encourages children never to be afraid of a challenge. It’s all right to be a little scared about things that seem hard to do, but whatever the challenge, determination and practice can get them through. The child in this story must stay in a wheelchair. Sometimes, he feels bad because he is left out of things by his classmates. One day, watching his friends play basketball, he has an idea. He decides that even while remaining in his wheelchair, he too can learn to play the game. The text is simple and the illustrations on every page are appealing. Four pages presenting activities for children appear at the back of each book, followed by a two-page section for parents, with tips on explaining the subject in more detail. Ages 4 and up.

© 2006 Moore-Mallinos, Jennifer
Audience: Children