Helping Children With Dyspraxia

Book Cover, Helping Children With Dyspraxia

Dyspraxia is a descriptive term used for children who have co-ordination difficulties. Although many dyspraxic children are of normal intelligence, they may have difficulty organizing or carrying out movement, speaking clearly or expressing ideas. This work begins by answering the questions commonly asked by parents about behavior causes, diagnosis and assessment, before going on to discuss therapeutic inventions. Drawing on her extensive experience working with dyspraxic children and liaising with their mainstream schools, the author shows how the therapeutic approach can benefit this group and how parents and teachers can actively participate in the child’s therapy. Information is provided, along with ideas for parents and teachers wanting to improve the child’s movements and language abilities and thus increase their self-confidence and self-esteem.

© 2001 Boon, Maureen
Audience: Parent, Professional
ISBN: 1853028819
Language: Eng

“"If you ask different professionals what dyspraxia is, you get different answers, depending on their field of expertise."”