Every Day Signs Book 3 Board Book

Book Cover, Every Day Signs Book 3 Board Book

The Signing Time board book series is specifically designed to be read in any order and does not require you to have read previous versions to be able to begin learning new signs. Sign language opens up a world of communication for pre-verbal infants, toddlers, and children with special needs – all of whom may be able to hear, but may not yet be able to communicate with speech.  ASL Signs included are: Hungry, Apple, Cookie, Cereal, Banana, Bread, Cheese, Cracker, Ice cream, Candy, Help, Full, Hot, Cold, Wet, Dry, Like, Don’t Like, Day, Sun, Night, Moon, Stars, Happy, Laugh, Sad, Cry, Boy, and Girl. Ages 2 and up.

© 2005 Rachel de Azevedo Coleman, Emilie de Azevedo Brown
Audience: Children
ISBN: 1933543027
Language: Eng