Adolescent Drug and Alcohol Abuse: How To Spot It, Stop It, And Get Help For Your Family

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Parents are often the last to know about their children’s involvement  with alcohol or drugs. Chemical abusers do whatever they can to conceal  their use. Families can rationalize the behaviors, particularly in  adolescence, as being caused by something other than chemicals. Is the  defiance part of a normal separation from parents? Due to a breakup with  a girlfriend? Just adolescent hormones kicking in? Adolescent Drug and Alcohol Abuse offers parents clear information,  support, and guidance: Understand the disease model of drug abuse, and that it’s not your  fault, Overcome family confusion, denial, and excuses to get your child the  help he needs; Find allies in the community to help your child feel the appropriate  consequences of his/her actions; Know what to look for in chemical assessment facilities; See what kind of help can be given your child in treatment; Gain serenity and happiness for yourself, apart from the outcome of  your child’s drug abuse or dependency; and Listen to the voices of dozens of parents and recovering teens and  learn that you are not alone in how this problem profoundly affects your  family.

© 2000 Nikki Babbit
Audience: Parent, Professional