A Walk In The Rain With A Brain

Book Cover, A Walk In The Rain With A Brain

Lucy is making her way down a rainy sidewalk when she spies, of all things, a brain — Manfred, called Fred — sitting forlornly in a puddle. The courtly cerebrum asks Lucy for help getting home, and as they walk along she worries that she’s not smart enough. “Everyone’s smart!” explains Fred. “You just need to find out at what!” Fred reassures her that each child learns and thinks differently — and that every child has special talents. Charming illustrations and a funny, whimsical story teach children to play and learn in order to find the strengths they have — and a discussion guide at the end gives parents and educators the background support they need in order to help children understand and discover the sparkling individuality of their minds.

© 2004 Edward M Hallowell Md
Audience: Children, Parent, Professional
ISBN: 0060007311
Language: Eng

“Hello, little girl, I'm a brain, And I'm stuck out here in the rain.”