NHFV Autism Connection

The services and supports for individuals who experience Autism Spectrum Disorder/Neurodevelopmental (ASD/NDD) disabilities draw from numerous systems of care. These include medical, education, behavioral health, vocational rehabilitation, and developmental services.

Each system functions independently, and often differently with eligibility criteria, protocols for service planning, limits to service delivery, and guidelines for quality assurance and consumer protection. Lack of coordination among systems of care remains one of the biggest challenges faced by families. More often than not, parents becomes the glue that holds all these pieces together. It is important to think of these systems of care as “complementary.”  This means that each part is made stronger by its connection to the other parts making up the circle of care that surrounds your family member with ASD/NDD.

The NHFV Autism Connection offers information and resources to families raising children and youth experiencing ASD/NDD and the professionals that serve them.

We have categorized these pages to correlate with the NH State Plan, “Growing Supports and Services for Autism and other Related Developmental Disabilities”.