Individual Health Insurance

Individual Health Insurance Plans

Most people in NH get their health insurance through their work. Some people, because their work does not offer insurance or if they are unemployed or self-employed, need to buy their health insurance. People can do this by purchasing insurance through the NH health insurance marketplace (see our NH Marketplace page) or by purchasing their health insurance directly from health insurance companies that sell individual plans in the state of NH. The New Hampshire Insurance Department regulates these plans and keeps a list of licensed companies on their website. An individual plan can cover one person or a family.

Individual Plans/ Child Only Plans

Sometimes a family has coverage through work but it does not provide all that their child with special health care needs or disability might need. Sometimes it is possible to take your child off your plan at work and purchase a child only plan through the NH Health Insurance Marketplace. This usually needs to be done during open enrollment so always check with your employer about the open enrollment policy at work before making any plans. If you are not able to take your child off of your plan at work, or if it would not make financial sense to do so, another option could be to purchase a supplementary child only plan. This could provide your child access to care not available through your work insurance. You would need to find a reputable broker licensed to sell insurance in NH to do this. There is a lot to consider so please call us at NHFV!