Category: General Grief, Exhaustion, and Finding Vitality in Behavioral Health Care | For Supervisors & Leadership

February 8, 2022

In this webinar, you will learn about the ways in which the current experiences of a multi-impact disaster cascade are influencing the ability of behavioral health professionals to function in their work while trying to balance all of the demands of home and family as well. Special attention will be given to the challenges with informational and emotional processing, as well as the necessity of working through issues of grief, loss, and bereavement. Information is provided for supervisors and leaders on best practices for management through crises and how best to support functional teams when exhaustion is prevalent.

Learning Objectives- Participants will:
--Develop knowledge about how to support themselves and others through experiences of grief and loss
--Identify interventions, strategies, and/or tools they can use immediately to reduce or manage behavioral health symptoms.
--Apply disaster recovery information to real-world teams functioning in support of staff vitality and resilience
--Recognize evidence-based leadership tactics that are successful for helping manage in a crisis

By joining this event hosted on Zoom, your name will be visible to other participants, the Northwest MHTTC, and our presenters.

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