Category: General How to Find Authentic Friendships & Direction After High School

April 14, 2021

Lydia Dolch is an Empowerment Coach and Founder of Open the Lid, Web-Based, Empowerment Courses and Community. She holds multiple, New York State professional certifications in teaching.

Lydia has 16 years in the field of exceptional education specializing in autism and communication challenges, 13 years of parenting children with sensory and language challenges, and 3 years of living with Sensory Processing Disorder after a TBI.

Lydia shares her wide range of tools through workshops, private coaching, and through Open the Lid Classes with neurodivergent and neurotypical people of all ages. She developed a course on autism at the university graduate level and most recently created self-paced workbooks and videos for anyone wanting to create an empowered life. Lydia is a sought-after, dynamic speaker on a wide range of topics.



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