The Balancing Girl

Book Cover, The Balancing Girl

A first grader who is very good at balancing objects while in her wheelchair and on her crutches thinks up her greatest balancing act ever to benefit the school carnival.

The Ding-Dong Bag

Book Cover, The Ding-Dong Bag

When two boys go out with a large bag to collect all the noise they can find, you can be sure that they will have an ear-splitting time!  From the clank of a stick on railings to the thud of a baseball bat, this vibrant story celebrates the rich diversity of sounds they encounter and… More The Ding-Dong Bag

The Great Quarterback Switch

Book Cover, The Great Quarterback Switch

Can Michael and Tom read each other’s minds? Michael and Tom Curtis are identical twins who share a love of football. Unfortunately, because of a tragic accident, Michael must watch from the sidelines as his brother calls the plays on the football field. During one game Michael concentrates very hard on a play he thinks… More The Great Quarterback Switch

The Handstand

This is the perfect book to teach little ones about individual differences and acceptance. A young girl in a wheelchair longs to be a member of a back yard club. Only one problem, she must do a handstand to become a  member. It all works out. As the story unfolds, children discover that everyone can belong… More The Handstand

The Lost Puppy

This book has been designed to help kids with limited mobility to see the positive aspects that using a wheelchair can bring to their lives. Children with limited mobility can often feel somewhat isolated from their peers as a result of times in the past when they were excluded from certain activities. Through the experience… More The Lost Puppy

The Making Of My Special Hand

Book Cover, The Making Of My Special Hand

A child who was born with one hand tells the story of how people at the hospital made a helper hand for her, how the new hand operates, how it feels, and how she can use it. Heelan takes readers through the whole process: making the plaster cast, fitting the socket, connecting the electrode and… More The Making Of My Special Hand

The Thing About Georgie

Book Cover, The Thing About Georgie

This story about the trials of a fourth grader, who has dwarfism, will entertain and enlighten kids. About to become a big brother, Georgie worries that the baby will grow bigger than he and fulfill his musician parents’ hope for a child who can play an instrument. At the same time, Georgie fears that Andy, who’s… More The Thing About Georgie

Thinking Big

Book Cover, Thinking Big

Thinking Big is important to eight-year-old Jaime Osborn. Jaime has dwarfism. Her body will grow to average size, but her limbs will always be short. Jaime is one of the Little People of America. Ages 7 and up.

Thinking Big and Mine For A Year

Two stories in one book. “Thinking Big” is important to eight-year-old Jaime Osborn. Jaime has dwarfism. Her body will grow to average size, but her limbs will always be short. Jaime is one of the Little People of America. In ‘Mine for a Year” Doug the black Labrador is just a pup when he comes… More Thinking Big and Mine For A Year

Trudy & Pia

Trudi doesn’t know anybody like her. No one with short arms that can’t reach coat hooks, or short legs that dangle in chairs; no one small enough to look into her eyes. No one, that is, until she meets Pia at the circus. Pia is a lion tamer — strong and fearless and, most important, a… More Trudy & Pia

Two Tracks In The Snow

Learning to ski is harder than Will imagined, but he finds help and new possibilities from nine year old Ari and the ski instructor. Ari, who has spina bifida and uses a monoski, has been skiing for years. With Ari’s help, six year old Will learns to manage the snowboard and they come down the… More Two Tracks In The Snow

Using A Wheelchair: What’s It Like?

Written for a young audience, this book introduces children to reasons why people might use wheelchairs, as well as how people using them travel, get around, do things at home. Ages 5 and up.

Weakling Willie

For Weakling Willie, living the life of a Rhinoceros Beetle is hard …especially when his muscles don’t work right. Willie knew he was not strong and that his muscle weakness would make it difficult for him to face the challenges ahead that a Rhinoceros Beetle must face. Willie wonders every day why he was born… More Weakling Willie

Wheel Wizards

Book Cover, Wheel Wizards

Twelve-year-old Seth Pender thinks his life came to an end when he suffered a spinal injury that left him confined to a wheelchair. Seth, an athlete who loves basketball, is sure he’ll never play again. He grows sullen and silent, unresponsive when his family urges him to try to adjust. Then one day he sees… More Wheel Wizards

Where Do I Hide My Hippopotamus?

Did you ever wonder what would happen if you found a hippo on the way to school? Megan, who is in a wheelchair, finds one on her way to school. Follow along on the adventure. Written by a father whose daughter has Spina Bifida. Ages 4 and up.

Your Child’s Motor Development Story: Understanding and Enhancing Development from Birth to their First Sport

An informative, practical book for parents and educators that explains the mystery of motor development in the young child. The author uses case studies from her experience as an occupational therapist to show that improving a child’s motor skills can enhance their emotional well-being. She explains the progression of skills in an easy to understand… More Your Child’s Motor Development Story: Understanding and Enhancing Development from Birth to their First Sport