We Like To Nurse

Brilliantly illustrated, this book celebrates the wonder of breastfeeding in humans and animals. A lovely book for young children and mothers.

We Like To Nurse Too

This is a children’s picture book. It focuses attention on our kinship with all mammals, using simple text and delightful full-color illustrations of animal mothers naturally feeding their babies. The illustrations and text highlight sea mammals living in the oceans of our shared planet home. Children learn about the nursing habits of animals they love… More We Like To Nurse Too

What Happens to Your Food?

Book Cover, What Happens to Your Food?

An ideal introduction to food, eating and digestion, using interactive fold-out flaps to help explain to young readers the whole fascinating journey of a meal through the human body.

What To Eat When You Don’t Feel Like Eating

James Haller’s vast experience, unbounded enthusiasm, and compassionate nature make this cookbook an invaluable resource for those preparing food for people suffering serious illness. He tells how cooking can be simple, quick, and inexpensive. He groups various foods by colours and gives an uncomplicated understanding of nutritional values. More than this he stresses taste. “Most… More What To Eat When You Don’t Feel Like Eating

Why Can’t I Eat That? Helping Kids Obey Medical Diets

The psychology of getting kids to follow prescribed guidelines for weight control, diabetes, or other medical conditions. Presents a comprehensive view of any child on any diet. Raises questions that are often missed in diet counseling. Great tips.