Alexis: The Prince Who Had Hemophilia

This is the true story of how hemophilia in one little boy helped to change an entire country. And the outcome of his story changed the course of world history.

Joshua: The Knight Of The Red Snake

When Joshua gets hurt while playing with his friends, he has to go home for a treatment. His friends go with him and Joshua explains about his hemophilia. Ages 3-7

Just a Boy

A whimsical storybook for children ages 3-6 about an imaginative child with hemophilia who learns to control his pain as he transitions to needlesticks. Guided by loving suggestions from his mother, the boy tries different pain control techniques while imagining he is different things until he conquers his fears.

Must You Always Be A Boy? The Children’s Storybook Of Hemophilia

This book was written to help parents begin a discussion about hemophilia with their children. Each story contains a definite message to help your child think about hemophilia, not in a detailed or technical manner, but in the context of everyday living. Ages 3-8

Raising a Child with Hemophilia (5th Edition)

Fifth edition of the world’s first parenting book on hemophilia written by a parent of a child with hemophilia. Practical, easy to understand information on medical treatment, genetic transmission, child development, consumer issues, school, sports. Includes stories and advice from experienced parents, compiled from interviews with more than 180 families.