Parent To Parent: Working Together For Ourselves And Our Children

Where parents who refuse to accept second-best services for their children can turn for help. Inspiring story of how ordinary people can rise to the occasion and find the inner and mutual resources to persuade our society to grant justice to its children.

Parents Speak Out: Then and Now

A collection of powerful stories that describe how those who sought help for persons with disabilities and their families, and those who tried to provide it, met with a mixture of success and failure. Stories of learning and prevailing.

Raising Our Children’s Children

Explores the children’s children explores the challenges, hardships, and rewards faced by Grandparents parenting their grandchildren. Covers issues like when grandparents don’t agree, integrating birth parents, guardianship, adoption etc….

Robert Lives With His Grandparents

Book Cover, Robert Lives With His Grandparents

Robert moves in with his Grandparents following the divorce of his parents. He initially feels uncomfortable with his Grandmother attending open house at school, but realizes he isn’t the only one living with his Grandparents and how he is lucky.

Sophie and the New Baby

Book Cover, Sophie and the New Baby

“Soon you’ll have a real live person to play with. We’re going to have a new baby.” Sophie likes this idea, but the baby takes so long to arrive that she sometimes forgets all about it. When her new brother is finally born, he’s quite a disappointment. He can’t play with Sophie, and he needs… More Sophie and the New Baby

The Boy Who Didn’t Want To Be Sad

A boy makes a decision to avoid the things that make him sad and then realizes that hiding away makes him unhappy. A simple story with a big lesson about life and happiness. Ages 4 and up.

The Kids’ Summer Fun Book: Great Games, Activities, And Adventures For The Entire Family

Parents will find ideas to recapture their childhood as they join with their kids in dozens of delightful summer activities. Ideas include summer beach parties with a sand castle building theme, hiking and camping trips in the great outdoors, kite flying, snorkeling, and even croquet in the backyard on stay-at-home leisure days. Where appropriate, readers… More The Kids’ Summer Fun Book: Great Games, Activities, And Adventures For The Entire Family

The Man Who Would be Dad

Book Cover, The Man Who Would be Dad

In this lovingly inspirational book, Hogan Hilling tells the story of how he became the father he is today. Written in lyrical vignettes, Hogan passes along wisdom and humor in the stories he tells about being a stay-at-home father for his three sons, one of whom has Angelman Syndrome. Hogan is completely genuine in his… More The Man Who Would be Dad

To Your Health: Choosing The Health Care That Is Right For You

This book is designed to help you choose the health care that is right for you, especially if you are a person with a disability or a senior. It is also for families, caregivers, advocates or anyone who might assist a person in making this choice.

Understanding Your Special Needs Grandchild: A Grandparent’s Guide

Grandparents of children with special needs, unlike parents and teachers, don’t always have the facts they need to understand their grandchild. This special resource offers grandparents the information they need to realize the valuable role they play in the lives of their grandchild, giving advice on how they can offer support to better their grandchild’s… More Understanding Your Special Needs Grandchild: A Grandparent’s Guide

Visiting Day

Book Cover, Visiting Day

A young girl and her grandmother prepare for a very special day, the one day a month they get to visit the girl’s father in prison. “Only on visiting day is there chicken frying in the kitchen at 6 a.m, and Grandma in her Sunday dress, humming soft and low.” As the little girl and her… More Visiting Day

We Like To Live Green

Simple text and beautiful photos, with reminders for young chilren, and adults, about appreciating and taking care of the environment in which we live.