A Certain Kind Of Love

Book Cover, A Certain Kind Of Love

Stories from the heart, written by family members telling  the struggles, cares, hopes, love, and dreams that are inherent in  raising children with special needs. As we travel through life it is probable that within that journey we  experience some sort of love. Whether that love is shared with a  parent, sibling, friend, mate, or… More A Certain Kind Of Love

A New Room for William

Book Cover, A New Room for William

When William moves house he does not like his new room. He does not like his new garden and he wants to go back to his old house. But moving is always hard and William’s mum persuades him that he would feel much better if he helped choose the wallpaper for his room. Soon William… More A New Room for William

Before You Were Born

Book Cover, Before You Were Born

It’s the mystery of mysteries… what’s going on inside a pregnant woman’s belly? That’s what Jennifer Davis’s older children wanted to know while she was expecting the younger. Each page shows what’s happening to the mother on the outside and then, under the flap, in the mother’s belly to the baby on the inside.  Preschool-2.

Build It So They Can Play

Are tight budgets forcing you to do more with less? With “Build it so They Can Play” you can turn less expensive into more fun for your child or students. Grab your tool belt and start building a positive experience for all! A great resource for physical education teachers, caregivers, and play group and recreation leaders… More Build It So They Can Play


Book Cover, Changes

As he waits for his parents to return, a young boy ponders his father’s remark “things are going to change around here” and begins to imagine all kinds of changes in the world around him.

Don’t Hurt Me, Mama

A kind and sensitive school nurse sees that a young victim of child abuse and her abusing mother get help.The topic of abuse is sensitive but the book handles the topic gently and is not too graphic. The book shows the reality of child abuse and what a child can do if they are in… More Don’t Hurt Me, Mama

Don’t Talk to Strangers (HipKidHop)

Rap and read along with today’s freshest hip-hop artists–the poets of a new generation–as they impart positive life lessons in a hip new way. Packaged with an original CD recording of the song!

Emmy’s Question

Emmy wants desperately to be a normal kid with a happy family like her friends. But no matter how hard she tries to keep her mom’s drinking problem a secret, things are getting worse. Her mother humiliates her by showing up at school and her dance recital after drinking too much wine. Even though she’s… More Emmy’s Question

Essential Allies: Families As Advisors

The information and tools presented here equip providers to work more effectively and collegially with family members at the program and policy level. Written for those who are excited about and committed to forging new relationships with families.

Everybody Belongs

Book Cover, Everybody Belongs

Written by a NH parent this handbook promotes the importance of recreation. It can assist you in seeking and creating fun times for your child with a disability and also for other family members. Information on the ADA laws and IDEA. The resources are old and may not exist, but the tips are invaluable.

Fast Track For Caregivers

Book Cover, Fast Track For Caregivers

Many people become caregivers – for either their child with special health care needs, or an ill, or elderly loved one. This book guides you in finding information, and making decisions in your role as a caregiver.

Feeling Left Out

Book Cover, Feeling Left Out

New to the neighborhood, Chris feels left out of various games and social events.

Grandparents As Parents: A Survival Guide For Raising A Second Family (2nd Edition)

Learn effective strategies to help you cope with the stresses of parenting the second time around, care for vulnerable grandkids and set boundaries with their often-troubled parents, and navigate the maze of government aid, court proceedings, and special education. Wise, honest, moving stories show how numerous other grandparents are surviving and thriving in their new… More Grandparents As Parents: A Survival Guide For Raising A Second Family (2nd Edition)

Guns: What You Should Know

Book Cover, Guns: What You Should Know

Using simple words and bright childlike illustrations, the book coveys important information. Ages 4-10

How Humans Make Friends

Book Cover, How Humans Make Friends

Dr. Zork Tripork has been to Earth to find out how humans make friends. Now he is reporting back to the inhabitants of his home planet. He tells where and how friends meet, what they do together, what they talk about, and what about them annoys one another. The alien audience makes humorous comments that… More How Humans Make Friends