A Positive Superhero: Growing Up with HIV

James is growing up with HIV and explains to young readers his medical condition in a way they are able to understand. He is strong, brave, responsible, and heroic! This story encourages others not to be afraid of those who are medically different.

Alex, The Kid With Aids

This is a casually told, even entertaining, story about the adjustment of a boy with AIDS and his classmates, to each other. Alex learns that even though he is sick, he still must follow the rules of the classroom if he wants to be accepted.

Be A Friend – Children Who Live With HIV Speak

In these writings and drawings, children with HIV infection and AIDS tell how it feels to be different from other kids and what it is like to lose friends and loved ones to AIDS. Siblings also write.

Children And The Aids Virus

Book Cover, Children And The Aids Virus

Explains in simple terms the body’s immune system, how it is attacked by the AIDS virus, and what can be done to prevent the disease. The text is divided into a main text and an informational subtext for adults.

Come Sit By Me

Book Cover, Come Sit By Me

When some parents learn that Nicholas has AIDS, they don’t want their children to play with him. The day following an educational presentation about AIDS, the classmates are all playing together nicely. Great story for ages 4 to 8 & their caregivers.

Jimmy And His Family

An educational book in both English and Spanish about AIDS and HIV infection.

My Grandma Has AIDS: Annisha’s Story

This colorfully illustrated story is written by a little girl, Annisha, and her grandmother, who has AIDS. It illustrates that it is safe to live with, kiss and hug someone who has HIV/AIDS.

Too Far Away To Touch

Book Cover, Too Far Away To Touch

Uncle Leonard is Zoe’s favorite uncle, but he is also ill with AIDS. During a trip to the planetarium, and by putting stars on Zoe’s ceiling at home, Uncle Leonard reassures Zoe that he will always be there, no matter what happens.